Why Not Wear a Scarf?

Whether the calendar says it’s fall, spring, winter or summer, a scarf is always a tasteful and wise choice to add to your wardrobe. While women across the globe wear scarves, very rarely growing up did I observe women wearing scarves in the manner depicted in books, magazines or French inspired movies. So while it … More Why Not Wear a Scarf?

Travel Luxuriously

How to do this luxuriously, you might ask?  Well, first of all, everyone’s definition of a vacation is different, but the tools required to make sure we are able to make the most of any vacation we embark on are rather similar in almost any traveling scenario. Have a look at my nine tips to … More Travel Luxuriously

What Love Is

As a child I remember appreciating the simplicity and simple statement of what love was. I was intrigued and at the same time curious to know if indeed these statements held any truth. One of the first phrases that comes to mind when I hear “Love Is . . .” is Ali MacGraw’s famous line … More What Love Is

How to Wear Stripes

Nautical or Breton stripes will always be one of my favorite options when it comes to coordinating my wardrobe, and while they are a classic choice that is always on trend, they were seen ubiquitously on the runways. With color, bright bold combinations and expanding beyond the classic Coco Chanel striped top, designers had fun … More How to Wear Stripes